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Story, Intentions

Before being a collection of mysterious treasures, La loge is first and foremost a workshop of handmade creations. Discover on this page how the shop works to produce the oddities, created and packaged with care to be sent to their new home.

The workshop on instagram

To discover exclusive behind the scenes videos, follow the workshop's account on instagram !


The hands behind La loge



My name is Thalie, since childhood I have been attracted to archaeological discoveries and by the multiple tales of our world. Unfortunately the little imaginative girl i used to be was never very involved with science and I quickly had to abandon my dreams of one day becoming an archaeologist...

...until today.

After getting both my illustration and creative direction diplomas, i first worked as an independant illustrator for professionals and private individuals, today i have gone forward with my wish of transforming my professional activity and opening an artisanal shop to finally create a little world of my own.

Passionate with myths and legends, I play the role of an adventurer roaming an imaginary realm through la Loge des Mystères, my very own archeological corner.

Inspired by stories of the world, from Gilgamesh to the Lord of the Rings, to Lovecraft, I find my creativity in litterature, cinema or music to make my fantasy-inspired, horrific, magical or mythological "oddities".



My training helped me build me very strong skills aroung  color-theory,  painting, drawing, sculpting, storytelling, videography and many other artistic domains.


I am using the whole of these skills to support my crafting technique and to share my work with aesthetic images and videos

on my socials.

Each piece is sculpted, molded and/or painted by hand from unique creations.

Each casting is made with a very durable and strong Modelling resin.


My world is alive, each collection can evolve, change at any time, following my inspirations.

La loge des Mystères is a very vast world, but the main tone is meant to be mostly dark, fantastic, and intriguing.


Each piece is packaged by hand with great care, and put in a box stamped "La loge des Mystères", perfect for a gift.

This box is completed with another shipping box which is thicker and will protect your package during shipping.


In each package are added an information sheet and a thank you card !

Shipping means can change depending on suppliers and on schedule, however all shipping supplies are always recyclable.

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