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The following terms and conditions are originally written in the french language,

they are translated here in english for your information only.

About the product sales concluded on the website

Updated on july 21st , 2023

La loge des mystères

Siret Identity : 84778302400023

(Microenterprise Thalie Garand)


Head office registered at :

20 Lieu-dit Sérigny, 18600 Neuvy-le-Barrois

(Cher department,  France)


The website is hosted by



The following conditions are applicable to the sales concluded by La loge des mystères, of handmade decorative products.
The client declares having read and accepted the Terms and Conditions previously to the placement of his order. The placement of an order acts as an agreement to the terms and conditions.



Prices are stated in euros, and are tax inclusive. They do not take into account the shipping fees, charged as an additional fee and stated before checkout. All orders are to be paid in euros.
La loge des mystères has the right to change the prices at any time, but undertakes to apply the applicable rates at the time of the order validation, based on availability.
The products are the property of La loge des mystères until the total payment has been completed.
Any possibility of loss or damaging of the products are transferred to the client upon receipt of the order.


The order

La loge des mystères only receives orders on the website

For any information regarding an order, the client can make contact with la loge via the following e-mail address : or go through the contact form available on the website. Any order placed through the e-mail above will not be concluded, please use the contact form provided.

La loge des mystères has the right not to register a payment, and to refuse confirmation of an order for any reason, and more specifically in case of material availability issues.


Order confirmation

For all due intents and purposes, all data provided at the placement of an order on the website and the confirmation sent right after will be considered as proof of the transaction.
The order confirmation will be considered as a signature and as the agreement to the transactions carried out, once the order is confirmed, the client will receive an electronic invoice sent via e-mail only.



The order confirmation binds the client to a payment obligation of the stated price.
The payment for the products is only to be made via PayPal or Credit Card.
Via PayPal, the card is debited at order confirmation via the PayPal interface. Dffered payments are not available via PayPal.


Cancellation, withdrawal

In accordance with the provisions of Article L.121-21 of the French Consumer's Code, the client has a clear 14-day period from the day of reception of his order to exert his right of withdrawal.
The right of withdrawal is also applicable to discounted products, but does not apply to personalized products : No return or exchange will be granted for any personalized order.
Returns are to be made in the original state and complete packaging (wrappings, accessories) allowing their resale in a pristine state. Any damage undertaken by the product on this occasion can put an end to the client's right of withdrawal.

The return costs are the reponsibility of the client.
In case of exercise of the right of withdrawal, La loge des mystères agrees to reimburse the money paid, excluding postage and packaging and customs costs, within a 14-day period following the receipt of the returned products.



A product is available for sale as long as its product sheet is visible on the website and within the limit of available inventory.
In case a product is unavailable after an order has been placed for it, the client will be informed by e-mail. The order is then automatically terminated and no charge is processed.

Please be sure to note that la Loge is an individual production workshop, la Loge does not sell large quantities of products. Therefore La loge des mystères has the right to deny any order which would be considered abusive.



Products are shipped to the address given by the client when the order is placed, within the time period stated on the confirmation page.
If you have made any error in sending your information when you placed your order, you have to make contact via the following e-mail address : , within 24h. After this time period, the order may have been shipped and the company cannot be held responsible for the refusal of shipping and delivery by La Poste or for the risks of packet loss in case it is not returned to the sender.
In case of shipping delays by La loge des mystères, an e-mail is sent to the client in order to inform him of the consequences on the shipping time first communicated.
In accordance with the relevant statutory provisions, in case of shipping delays, the client has the right to cancel his order, following the conditions stated in the Article L 138-2 of the French Consumer's Code. La loge will then proceed to the reimbursement of the order following the conditions stated in the Article L 138-3 of the French Consumer's Code.
In case the carrier delays the delivery, La loge des mystères cannot be held responsible for the loss of a package or for the delay in delivery due to the unavailability of the client or of the carrier.



La loge des mystères is not liable for any inconvenience or damage resulting from the use of an internet network, among other things a service failure, an external malicious intrusion or in the presence of a computer virus.
La loge des mystères is not liable for any damage resulting from improper use or poor maintenance of the purchased product.


Disputes and applicable law

The following terms and conditions are originally drawn up in the french language and translated in the english language for your information only. They are fully under the application of french law. The competent court is the judicial tribunal. This applies to both substantive rules and formal rules. In the event of a dispute or a claim, the client shall first contact La loge des Mystères to reach an out-of-court settlement.


Intellectual property

Unless stated otherwise or through the interventions of partner companies who possess their own copyright rules :

The entire contents of this site are the intellectual property of La loge des mystères.

All designs, texts, photos and videos are subject to copyright protection and are the exclusive property of La loge des mystères. The whole or partial reproduction of the information of this website, without written and explicit permission from La loge des mystères are strictly forbidden and constitute an infringement of intellectual property rights.


Personal data

The website collects the clients' personal data in the following situations only :

  • Account creation : when creating a user account, the name, surname, email address and mailing details are saved.

  • Logging in : when the user logs into his member's account, the usage data, login data as well as location data are saved.

  • Profile : the use of services via this website allows the user to complete a profile with a name, surname and an address as well as a phone number.

  • Cookies : cookies are used in relation to the usage of this website, the user has the possibility to deactivate them via his brower's settings.

This data is essential to the management and shipment of the orders, to the improvement of the services and informations which la Loge provides its clients and to the user experience.

This data may be transmitted to the carrier, shipping agent or any other person or organization assigned for shipping, for the good management, processing, payment and carriage of packages.

Data and information are stored for security purposes, in order to comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

In compliance with the law of January 6th 1978, the client has the right to access, modify, rectify or delete all his personal data on file.


Archival policy

La loge des mystères employs organisational, technical, software and physical security measures to protect this data against accidental or deliberate alteration or unauthorized access, on a reliable and permanent medium so as to constitute a mean of evidence as per provisions of Section 1348 of the French Civil Code.
The computerized records stored in La loge des mystères' computer systems are considered by all parties as proof of communications, orders, payments and transactions between the parties.


Characteristics of Handcrafted Products

  1. Handmade nature of the products: Our products are handcrafted, signifying that each is made by hand, individually. Consequently, every product is one of a kind and may exhibit slight variations from the pictures or descriptions presented on our website.

  2. Minor Discrepancies: Due to the hand-made nature of our items, there may be minor differences between the image displayed on our site and the final product you receive. These variations can manifest in aspects such as the application of paint. Therefore, the color, texture, or general appearance might differ subtly from one piece to another.

  3. Manufacturing Process: The artisanal molding process we employ can occasionally lead to the presence of microscopic air bubbles in the product. While most of these are imperceptible to the naked eye, they might slightly influence the details' appearance on the objects. Such features neither compromise the product's quality or durability but attest to its handcrafted authenticity.

  4. Quality Commitment: Even though there might be slight variations in appearance between products, we are committed to ensuring that each item we sell upholds the highest quality standards. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase, please refer to our return policy.

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